International Business Development Center (IBDC) - Business Representation

IBDC is a facility designed to assist businesses to become established and sustainable during their start up phase. IBDC provides:
• shared premises
• business advice
• business services
• access to investor, market and international networks
• mentoring
• including a full-time, hands-on management team

IBDC - Business Representation Section nurture the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them survive and grow during the companies start-up period while they are most vulnerable to not succeed.

IBDC provides their resident companies with business support services and resources such as guidance, assistance with business planning and help obtaining financing opportunities. Incubators usually also offer companies rental space with flexible and reasonable leases and shared basic office services including access to equipment all in one plan.

Statistics that have been conducted show results that business incubators increase the survival rate of start-up businesses to 87 percent while companies without business incubators showed a survival rate of only 35 percent.

Business Representation Section provides your business with a business address and telephone number under your own name within the office of our Partner in Russia.

We have developed this Business Representation model that we now have been successfully distributing to American international companies for more than 2 years. While operating with cooperation, we realized that many companies face the same difficulties and challenges with their Russian business operations; the following are examples of often reoccurring situations:

• You exported to the Russian Federation; however the volume does not justify to open your own Russian branch office.
• You visited a trade show in the Russian Federation, but have received minimum response to your follow-ups.
• You have no real experience in the Russian Federation, but want to venture into the US market with reasonable costs and lower risk.
• You have not been able to penetrate the Russian market alone but want to try again with outside help.
A Business Representation tackles these problems and offers you your own Russian identity. You receive service based on your specific needs and a contact point for you and your Russian customers.

Our bilingual employees are familiar with the Russian market and offer complete care of your business from one source – from taking care of daily correspondence to order processing and also including sales oriented marketing services such as trade show support.

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact our International Business Center team who will gladly assist you or submit a completed IBDC participant application form.