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Sergei Millian serves as President of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce since May, 2006. As a dedicated member of the organization, Mr. Millian has served as a member of the Chamber's Executive Committee, Board of Directors. He attended the Academy of Business Administration by the President of the Republic of Belarus and graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University.

In 2005, Mr. Millian was elected Director of Russian American Federation.

In the 2006-2016 period Mr. Millian delivered over 300 speeches and presentations on the topics of doing business in Russia and US Russia business, cultural, religious, economic, commercial, energy, innovation and investment relations at such prestigious venues as United Nations, European parliament(Brussles), Japanese parliament, international conference "Russia and The WTO", Russian National Exhibition in Chicago, Moscow International Energy Forum, Global Russia Business Meeting(the Netherlands, Cyprus and Luxembourg), Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Emory University, MSU, MGIMO, Bank of China Cross-Border Investment Conference, Southern Center for International Studies, Federal Reserve Bank, etc. 

Mr. Millian gave interviews to Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Post, Vedomosti, Vesti, Russia 1, Russia 24, RT, Voice of America, Voice of Russia, RIA Novosti, Fox News, New York Daily News, Prime Business News, Deutsche Welle, RBK, TASS and many others.

At the end of the year 2010, Mr. Millian established International Business Development Center on New York's Wall Street at the Russian American Chamber to assist the Russian entrepreneurs in entering the US market with maximum speed and minimal risk and expenses.

On January 6, 2011 Mr. Millian was promoted to Vice President with NestSeekers International's New York office.

Mr. Sergei Millian has an extensive experience in working with foreign government delegations, trade missions, bankers' delegations, oil and gas executives and private businesses coming to the Commonwealth of Independent States. In addition to his duties at the Chamber, Mr. Millian currently is the owner of Millian Group, Inc., Interchallenge Translations, Interpreting, and Localization, and distributes the bilingual quarterly business magazine "Russian American Business" and the monthly RACC Newsletter. Mr. Millian is a licensed real estate broker and is actively working in the residential and commercial national and international real estate. He specializes in representing foreign investors in the USA as well as working with American investors interested in investments opportunities in the former USSR countries. He speaks five foreign languages fluently: English, Russian, Belarusian, Italian, and Spanish.

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Alexey Eliseev
IT Director

Alex Eliseev, a talented IT professional, has been responsible for making and promoting the website of the RACC in the USA since the inception of the organization. He has significantly increased the website's visibility in the search engines.

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