Board of Advisors Annual Meeting in Hyatt


Dear Board Members:

On February 24th, the Annual Board Meeting will take place in Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Cassis A Board Room from 2 PM to 4PM.

Please confirm your attendance by email to [email protected]

Preliminary Agenda:

1) Introductions. Reading and Approval of Meeting Minutes 5 minutes
2) Presentations by:

Sergio Millian, President of the Russian American Chamber of Commerce in the USA 5 minutes
Alla Bereshkova, VP of the Department of Public Relations and Corporate Communications 10 minutes
Alex Shenkar, Director of Investments, Project Finance & Advisory 10 minutes
Andrei Maximenko, Director of the Department of Consulting Services 10 minutes
Svetlana Alimova, VP of the Department of Marketing Services 10 minutes
Eugene Shtern, Director of International Business Development 10 minutes

3) Comprehensive Plan for 2009 by Sergio Millian 15 minutes

4) Other Staff and/or Committee Reports 15 minutes

5) Questions, Suggestions, Concerns by Board Members 10 minutes

6) Board Members updates 10 minutes

7) Open Discussion 10 minutes

Thank you for your continued support,

Best wishes,

Sergio Millian


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Board of Advisors Annual Meeting in Hyatt