Horasis: Global Russia Business Meeting 2014


Horasis will hold the fifth Global Russia Business Meeting in Valencia, Spain on 6-7 April 2014. The meeting is co-hosted by the City of Valencia and supported by Russian American Chamber of Commerce in the USA. The Global Russia Business Meeting is one of the foremost annual gatherings of leaders in business and government to share visions on opportunities in Russia and the world at large.

At this pivotal time, the Global Russia Business Meeting will convene 300 senior executives to take a practical look at what policies and strategies can support the aspirations of Russian firms. The meeting will provide an opportunity for an in-depth dialogue between Russian and global business leaders.

Horasis organizes regional meetings for CEOs with focus on Russia, India, China and the Arab world. Participants jointly identify key business issues and develop sophisticated and interdisciplinary solutions. Horasis - a global visions community committed to enact visions for a sustainable future - provides a unique platform for companies from emerging markets to globalize their organizations. 

Wednesday, 7 March, 02:19:32 AM


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Horasis: Global Russia Business Meeting 2014