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Current Operations

At the core of the Chamber’s operations is its staff of 15 volunteer trade specialists based in Atlanta, GA and its network of overseas network representatives and partners. The Chamber has representatives in 14 countries and 20 cities who work based on signed cooperation and referral agreements.

The Chamber constantly gathers new market information on the CIS countries through other US and Russian government offices, as well as through NGOs, the private sector, and reliable sources in the CIS countries.

Integrated Market Information Center (IMIC)

THE CHAMBER’s IMIC keeps US companies informed about commercial developments in the Eurasia, operating more like a market research group than a news organization. Information that U.S. companies regularly receive from IMIC may include:

  • Current Market Assessments and Data
  • Business Leads, Buyers, Investor and Partner leads
  • Updates on Commercial Laws and Regulations
  • Guidance on sources of Finance for Eurasia trade and investment
  • Transportation, Banking, Customs, and other practical business issues
  • Notice of upcoming conferences and trade promotion events
  • New resources, including websites and business support organizations
  • Information on Russian Federation and U.S. Government, multilateral, and other programs supporting U.S commercial relations with this part of the world

THE CHAMBER — Department of Marketing Services

THE CHAMBER’ U.S.-based staff of international trade specialists are available to answer inquiries from U.S. companies about business opportunities and development in the Eurasia. THE CHAMBER seeks to answer each question in-house, or identify concrete contacts and resources, without referring companies elsewhere on an endless chase for information. Trade specialists are available by phone, email, and appointment to provide information, answer questions, and assist U.S. companies exploring business prospects in Eurasia markets. THE CHAMBER respects the confidentiality of its clients’ business activities.

Are you interested in a list of potential leads, business partners, buyers, manufactures and distributors but do not have the necessary contact information to achieve this?

The Chamber possesses a proprietary computerized business databank of Russian companies and individuals. Our information research service provides you with the detailed contact profiles of Russian companies and executives in which you are interested in. We will compile a list of target companies and include all appropriate contact information that is needed for your company.

THE CHAMBER — Department of Public Relations(PR) and Corporate Communications

The Department of PR and Corporate Communications develops internal and external relations strategies that effectively communicate our values and vision to our customers, employees and shareholders. Corporate communications encompasses public relations, internal communications, advertising and promotions, creative services and corporate contributions. The Department researches, writes, plans, edits, designs, and implements everything from strategic communications plans, to employee newsletters and gala dinners for 300. The department creates communications strategies that influence employee attitudes, shift stockholders’ opinions and tell an organization’s story to the media.

THE CHAMBER — U.S. Business Presence for Russian companies / Incubator type International Center for Business Development (ICBD)

Download presentation (in English) (in Russian). This service helps Russian Businesses to establish a presence in the United States in order to deal with American customers at low risk and without the overhead costs involved in establishing their own office with staff. IBDC offers them an American business address including telephone number, fax number and mailbox. Qualified staff of the IBDC answers the inquiries and forward them immediately to the business in Russia.

THE CHAMBER — Department Consulting Services

Consistent with the Chamber’s overall mission to be a leader in promoting mutually beneficial relations among business, public, cultural, and civil society organizations in the United States, Russia, and other countries of the former Eastern bloc, the Department focuses on assisting companies and organizations in developing effective business strategies based on establishing and sustaining viable international partnerships. Through market research and case analysis techniques, the Department aims to provide valuable and reliable information about business opportunities and potential partners, relevant government regulations, cultural norms and practices, and to advise on a broad range of issues, from establishing initial contacts to managing long-term business risk.

E-mail a Eurasia business question to THE CHAMBER

Call THE CHAMBER with a question at +1.404.667.9319

Email Update Service

THE CHAMBER distributes by email to interested U.S. companies the most time-sensitive trade leads and market updates. U.S. companies can register to receive information on more than 40 Eurasia industry sectors or on any Eurasia country and several Russian regions.

Business Leads and Opportunities

THE CHAMBER has developed two lead-generation programs to help U.S. companies identify contacts and resources for doing business in the Eurasia:

THE CHAMBER’s on-line system for business offers and enquiries identifies Eurasia enterprises seeking U.S. partners to collaborate on specific business projects.

THE CHAMBER’s trade team provides timely leads on Eurasia export sales opportunities for U.S. companies.

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THE CHAMBER’s Newsletter

RACC NewsLetter is the monthly newsletter informing the U.S. business community about THE CHAMBER’s main events and developments in the USA and Eurasia. Each issue highlights key events, news, market developments, promising regions for trade and investment, U.S. trade promotion programs, activities and events, and “tricks of the trade”-recommendations for avoiding pitfalls and problems.

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THE CHAMBER’s Online Web Page

THE CHAMBER posts market information on the Eurasia to its home page on the Internet ( THE CHAMBER Online is updated daily to provide the latest reports by THE CHAMBER and other sources. THE CHAMBER Online also contains links to hundreds of useful home pages in the United States and Eurasia. Go to THE CHAMBER Online Home

THE CHAMBER Services for Eurasian Companies

THE CHAMBER Russian-language web site —
THE CHAMBER has developed a Russian-language web site to assist Eurasian companies seeking business development through cooperation with U.S. firms. The CHAMBER Russian-language page provides unique content oriented toward the needs and interests of Eurasia firms (is not a mirror of the English-language site). The CHAMBER Russian-language page includes information about:

  • Participating in lead generation programs
  • Other U.S. government resources for business development and doing business with the United States
  • Projects and resources
  • Resources for doing business with the United States (Information about U.S. states, Directories of U.S. companies, corporate ethics, business — etiquette, etc.)
  • Trade events
  • Other valuable information


How we can help your company